9 Psychiatrists Transforming Psychiatry:
When Meds Are No Longer #1


“This course is a gift for basically...any nurse, doctor, mother, father...anyone.”
—Doris Lessing, RN, (previous student review, summer, 2014)

Dates: Tuesday October 1 – October 17, 2014

(no scheduled classes, plus you have 90 days with the materials to review on your own time)

About 1 in 4 people now take at least one psych med and most dislike the side-effects…Are you trying to manage ADHD, Bi-polar, Autism, depression, anxiety, or other mental disturbances?  Are you tired of Drive-Thru Pharmacy mental health and you don’t know other options … & you’re tired of spinning through the web?  This course will help you:

  • Recover…Find effective alternatives to taking psych meds
  • Get professional guidance to find the best provider for you
  • Feel happier with no side effects
  • Find natural options to treat the causes of problems
  • Become more “integrative”—as a consumer or a provider
James Greenblatt Klinghardt Scott Shannon

Cost: Earlybird - $49.95 until September 20
$69.95 after September 20

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*10 CE hours available for therapists, nurses, social workers. CME for MDs, too*

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We’ll introduce you to NINE of the most effective pioneering psychiatrists. They trained at top conventional medical schools and also in other alternative perspectives not taught in medical schools..  Most of them developed a body-mind-spirit care that goes beyond the mainstream to treat the root cause of disturbances and help people really get better without the risks of side effects.  You’ll learn what to look for, get resources—and contacts.

If you are a health provider—the course will reveal the face of the pioneers transforming psychiatry and inspire you.  Improve your network and get CEUs in the process!

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Agenda: 6 modules over 3 weeks, (2 modules each week)

1. Mainstream Psychiatry, the Mafia and Over-Diagnosis

  • Lives Left in Ruin: Why We Need This Course
  • Peter Gotzche, MD: Halting the Corruption Within Big Pharma
  • Allen Frances, MD: Stopping Over-diagnosis and Returning to Normalcy

2. Psychiatrists Going Integrative

  • Alice Lee, MD:  Why I Am Now an Integrative Doc
  • Mary Ackerley, MD:  Integrative Psychiatry Simply Works Better
  • MDs Who Draw from the Well of Eastern Spirituality

3. Risks of Prescription Drugs

  • David Healy, MD: What People Experience on Psych Meds
  • Peter Breggin, MD: Spell Binding is Not Just for Witches
  • Being Mad in America

4. Taming the Dragons of Autism and ADHD

  • Labeling ADHD Like Crazy
  • James Greenblatt, MD: Natural Protocols To Overcome ADHD
  • Dietrich Klinghardt, MD: A Cure for Autism

5. Can You Stop Schizophrenia in Its Tracks?

  • Loren Mosher, MD: Soteria House Worked!
  • Judith Pentz, MD:  Why We Need Soteria Now
  • A Mother’s Story with Her Schizophrenic Son

6. Creating Successful Teams

  • Scott Shannon, MD: A Model Mental Health Center
  • Rick Leskowitz, MD: The Joy of Sox
  • How to Find the Right Doc for YOU


Cost: Earlybird - $49.95 until September 20
$69.95 after September 20

Dates: Tuesday October 1 – October 17, 2014

(plus you have 90 days with the materials to review on your own time)

Full and partial scholarships available: info@IMHU.org for details
*10 CE hours available for therapists, nurses, social workers. CME for MDs, too*

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Structure: You’ll watch videos, have some reading, discuss with other students and the facilitator.  Interwoven will be interludes with comedians—Laughter is, after all, the best medicine.

Course modules are delivered, twice a week over 3 weeks.  Students register with Ruzuku.com, our secure online learning platform, and will be guided through course activities on the Ruzuku site.  If you don’t have good computer skills, don’t worry.  It’s user-friendly!   Activities usually take about 20 minutes each.  There are several activities in each module.

Four unique video Interviews by Emma Bragdon with:

Mary Ackerley, MD


Mary Ackerley, MD works in Tucson, AZ. She specializes in identifying and treating chronic inflammation, genetic mutations, allergies, hidden infections and nutritional imbalances using natural supplements, homeopathy, bio-identical hormones, and mainstream medicine.

Alice Lee, MD


Alice Lee, MD works near Washington, DC.  She works with detoxification, diet, and nutritional support as well as energy work and therapies for emotional release and subtle energy healing.

Eric Leskowitz, MD


Eric Leskowitz, MD works near Boston, MA at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital on the Pain Management Team as Director of the Integrative Medicine Project.  He is on the faculty of Tufts Medical School and Harvard Medical School. 

Judith Pentz, MD  

Judith Pentz, MD has a private practice in Albuquerque, NM.  She is a Child, Adolescent and Adult psychiatrist with a special interest in helping young adults who are having a psychotic episode.  She is creating a special support network for these youth so they can grow to a higher level of functioning from the experience.

In Addition: Watch vids of influential MDs and psychiatrists who are leading us away from drive-thru psychiatry (relying too heavily on psych meds and over-diagnoses) to a more effective, humane way of overcoming mental health problems: Drs Peter Gotzche, Allen Frances, Peter Breggin, Gabor Mate, Scott Shannon, Mark Hyman, Roger Walsh, David Healy, James Greenblatt, Dietrich Klinghardt, and Loren Mosher.

Be inspired by Robert Whitaker, who won the top award for investigative journalism in 2010 for his ground-breaking book, Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America that got the ball rolling…

Take heart with Diana Cooper, mother of a schizophrenic son who found her way through the labyrinth of problems she faced caring for him…

Emma Bragdon, PhD., the Course Facilitator:

Emma BragdonEmma Bragdon, PhD, is the Founder/Director of Integrative Mental Health for You.  She was licensed as a Marriage, Family, Child Therapist in 1988 and has been involved with teaching complementary therapies for 45 years.  She has written 7 books and co-produced two documentary films. EmmaBragdon.com




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Reviews for “Psychiatrists Transforming Psychiatry” in Summer, 2014:

“This course represents hope for individuals coping with mental health issues. Just knowing that Holistic care has been available at numerous sites in well established centers across the US, makes it easier to validate using 'energy tools'. This course is a gift for basically ...any nurse. doctor, mother, father....anyone.” —Doris Lessing, RN, Canada

 "The online format is effective and the use of videos makes the material come more alive than simply reading text or listening to audio...This material did a good job in providing people with incentive to take control of their own/family's mental health recovery process - starting from the many issues surrounding psychotropics (that give us considerable incentive to look for other options) to diet/nutrition, orthomolecular, multi-disciplinary practices and more…[It] provides hope.”—Craig Wagner, consumer advocate, MI, USA

I found the course, fascinating and wonderful. Just gaining a perspective on what might be possible for people with Autism and Bi-Polar diagnoses in the way of drug-free approaches was liberating. —GH, NH, USA

“The course is very ambitious, serious and well-documented. Well-invested money! … I recognize themes/discussions from Sweden - the use of drugs and the tendency to over-diagnose.”—Elisabeth J Mollstedt, Sweden

"... I am just stunned at the amount of information that you gathered for this course. It’s very moving, and it is certainly opening. I very much appreciate and value it …Thank goodness for your vision…Your course and the life events [with my loved one who was diagnosed with mental illness] have given me the opportunity to view this issue of “mental illness” from many facets. " —Diana Cooper, CO, USA

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CEUs: The course will give you 10 hours of continuing education units. There is an extra charge of $50. for health providers receiving CEUs.  Contact info@IMHU.org for signup.

Cost: Earlybird - $49.95 until September 20
$69.95 after September 20

Dates: Tuesday October 1 – October 17, 2014

(plus you have 90 days with the materials to review on your own time)

Full and partial scholarships available: info@IMHU.org for details
*10 CE hours available for therapists, nurses, social workers. CME for MDs, too*

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Emma Bragdon
Integrative Mental Health for You

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